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stallion services

With over 30 years experience in collection, cooling, freezing and trasport let us handle your stallion's breeding needs!

Stallion Services

phantom exposure

We will work with your stallion to expose him to mount a phantom for collection.  Eliminate the risk of an unruly mare and a well placed kick or disease transmission.

Stallion Services


A cooling analysis will determine the optimum extender for your stallion.  Services available include collection and transport preparation and shipment.

Stallion Services


Each stallion is an individual for freezing.  We will test in multiple extenders for the best results.  


Fee Schedule

These are the most common services requested. 
What’s included
Daily Care

Stall  with your choice of hay. Includes grain as needed and daily turnout.


Phantom Exposure

All new stallions arriving at the facility will go through phantom exposure.  Consideration is given to stallions with previous phantom experience. 



The fee is per collection or reasonable attempt.  Does not include analysis or processing for other services, i.e. cooling and transport or freezing.



This includes fresh analysis ($20.00) and transport preparation ($40.00).  Does not include cost of collection, disposable shipper or use of Equitainer.


Cooling Analysis

This includes fresh analysis ($20.00) and extension in multiple extenders.  Motility is evaluated over a minimum of 48 hours to determine optimum cooling process.  Does not include cost of collection.


Freezing Analysis

This includes freezing in multiple extenders to determine optimum process.  This does not include the cost of collection.  Analysis provides post thaw motility and is not a direct indication of fertility.



This is the cost to freeze the entire ejaculate, no per straw fee.  This does not include the cost of collection or the cost of the custom printed straws.