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mare services

With over 30 years in reproduction experience, let us provide for your mare's care!

Mare services

mare care

We provide services for wet or dry mares. Includes hay of your choice and grain as needed.

Mare Services


We provide breeding management services for your mare. All veterinary procedures are performed and charged by Equine Veterinary Practice of Frankfort, IL or the veterinarian of your choice.

Mare Services


On a limited basis we provide foal-out services. Your mare is monitored under camera 24/7 as she nears foaling. Foaling stalls are 10x24.


mare services

These are the most common services requested.
What’s included
Mare Care

This includes a 10x12 stall, cleaned daily, with your choice of hay and grain as directed. Dry care is for a mare without a foal, Wet care is for a mare with a foal on her side.


Cycle Management

This includes daily teasing to identify estrus and coordination with and handling for additional veterinary diagnostics. Fee is per day, in addition to Mare Care.


Foal Out

On a limited basis, we provide Foal Out services for our clientele. This includes daily monitoring and 24/7 camera coverage as they near foaling. This is in addition to the daily Mare Care fee.